Hail Damage

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Auto Hail Damage Repair Richmond VA

Did hail or sleet damage your car, truck, or SUV in the Richmond VA area? Call or text your damage photos to 757-592-3604.

If a hailstorm left your vehicle damaged, trust Ding Specialists of Quinton, VA to restore it to its pre-storm condition. We’ve been pushing dents since 1992. Our highly-trained technicians have experience repairing hail damage quickly and effortlessly. We even work with your insurance company to help make it as stress-free to you as possible! 

Paintless dent removal minimizes the repair time and is more economical than conventional body repair that requires repainting. If your vehicle has suffered hailstorm damage, call or text us today at 757-592-3604.

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We will assess the damage.

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We work with your insurance and begin the claim process.

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Repairs are completed by Dent Specialist.

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You receive a detailed invoice and are good to go!

Before and After Large Dent Repair

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